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Our hearing aid services

First, you start off with probably the lowest price you will find. Then, you can get our FREE in-office service. Just come back to our office with your hearing aids for repairs, cleaning, and anything else we can perform in our office - totally FREE!

  • Digital hearing aids

  • Programmable hearing aids

  • Repairs and adjustments

  • Hearing aid cleaning

  • Most insurance accepted

How do you know which hearing aids are right for you?

Should you use a behind-the-ear hearing aid? What about custom fit? Or do you think open fit will be best for you? There are more choices than you might realize, and the only way to find out for sure is to visit the Bell Hearing Center near you. Contact one of our locations today and make an appointment with a specialist!

The best in service

You'll see the difference when you come to a Bell Hearing Center. For 19 years, we've been serving people like you at our convenient location in Allegan County.

Discover your perfect hearing device

We understand that you want the best when it comes to your hearing. Our staff will help you select the best hearing instrument and custom fit your hearing aids. Contact us today!